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We specialise in plant-based medicinal care that's accessible wherever you are. Your health journey begins here.

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Professional Treatment

PlantWise Doctors is led by experienced Australian and UK registered doctors. Our doctors are Authorised Prescribers with the Therapeutics Good Administration (TGA) Australia and will consult over telehealth nationwide.   

Discuss your options with us if you:

  • Suffer from a chronic condition for over 3 months

  • Have tried or considered other treatment options


3 Simple Steps

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The PlantWise Doctors

Dr Ravi Banwait


Co-Founder & Authorised Prescriber

Dr Rishi Shonpal


Co-Founder & Authorised Prescriber


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  • Why should I consider PlantWise Doctors for my plant medicine needs?
    At PlantWise Doctors, our core mission is to provide patient-focused professional care by conducting comprehensive telehealth consultations to formulate an individualised treatment plan. We are brand agnostic, meaning we do not have an affiliation with any medical cannabis brand, so we can provide unbiased advice and treatment.
  • Who is eligible for a consultation?
    Individuals aged 18 years or older who have a chronic condition that has lasted more than three months, have tried other treatments that haven't fully improved their condition or have experienced unwanted side effects, and are not pregnant or have a history of psychosis may be eligible for plant medicine treatment.
  • What costs are involved with treatment?
    The cost for a consultation includes assessment, prescription and any application fees required by the TGA. Medication costs are additional. It is expected most patients will need an 'Initial Consultation' which is a longer first appointment for a thorough assessment with the doctor. A review consultation is expected to take place 4-6 weeks after and then every 3 months for ongoing prescriptions.
  • Are there any concealed expenses or supplementary charges?
    Our practice is founded on transparency. There are no hidden fees. The charge for the consultation is the sole direct cost from PlantWise Doctors. Medication prices, which are separate, will be communicated openly and with clarity during your consultation. As we are not affiliated with any brands we can advise on a range of medicinal cannabis brands.
  • What occurs if I am considered ineligible for treatment?
    If your doctor finds that medicinal cannabis is not appropriate for you or you are not 100% satisfied with your treatment plan please let your PlantWise Doctor know and your consultation fee will be reimbursed in full. (Note we are unable to provide a refund once a prescription has been issued).
  • Which brands do we prescribe?
    PlantWise Doctors is proud to be brand agnostic. Unlike many medicinal cannabis clinics, we are not affiliated with any particular brand. This enables us to select the most appropriate medication for our patients. Please discuss your specific preferences with your PlantWise Doctor.
  • May I select my pharmacy and medicine?
    Absolutely, the choice of pharmacy resides with you. Whilst we can advise pharmacies recognised for dependable medication supply, the final choice is at your discretion. We will explore various medication possibilities with you during your consultation, yet the definitive prescription will be at the discretion of our PlantWise Doctors, taking into account your specific health requirements.
  • Do private health funds or medicare cover these costs?
    Coverage varies between insurers. It's recommended to check with your private health fund for any available subsidies. Currently medicare does not offer any rebates for consultations or medication.
  • Do you accept Workcover or TAC patients?
    We are happy to see all workcover and TAC patients. Consultations need to be booked as normal and you will be provided an invoice which includes your doctor's provider number that can be used to make a reimbursement claim with Workcover or TAC. As medicinal cannabis is an unapproved therapy we can provide supporting letters, however we cannot provide a guarantee that Workcover or TAC pay for costs associated with your treatment. It is recommended to speak with your Workcover or TAC doctor or case manager for further clarity.
  • What is plant medicine?
    Plant medicine is a herbal remedy obtained from the Cannabis genus, used in managing symptoms or treating various conditions. The term is specifically about the plant genus and denotes the medicinal substance derived from the plant’s leaves and flowers.
  • What conditions can plant medicine help with?
    Plant medicine has been prescribed for more than 130 chronic conditions. You are encouraged to complete our free eligibility checker to see if you might be suitable.
  • What are the benefits of plant medicine?
    Plant medicine is recognised for its ability to alleviate chronic pain, reduce dependence on opioids, and provide relief from stress and certain medical conditions. However, it should be used responsibly under medical guidance.
  • How is plant medicine administered?
    Plant medicine can be taken orally through capsules, sublingual tablets, oils, and sprays, or inhaled using flowers and vape cartridges. Your PlantWise Doctor can discuss the best options to suit your condition.
  • Are there any side effects to using plant medicine?
    Like all medications, plant medicine can cause side effects, which can include drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and dizziness. Your PlantWise Doctor will titrate the medication to minimise these side effects.
  • Is plant medicine 100% plant-based?
    Yes, plant medicine is completely plant-based. Plant medicine is a common term referred for medicinal cannabis.
  • What should I do if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant?
    If you are in any of these categories, it is crucial to discuss your situation with a doctor. The use of plant medicine during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or if planning to become pregnant is generally not recommended.
  • Is plant medicine legal in Australia?
    Yes, plant medicine in the form of cannabis is legal in Australia. Doctors, however, must obtain approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) before they can prescribe this form of treatment.
  • How can I access plant medicine?
    You can access plant medicine via the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia through a prescription from an authorised presriber (doctor).
  • Can I drive while using plant medicine?
    Your can drive with only a few medicinal cannabis medications (CBD only). It is illegal to drive with any detectable level of THC in your system. THC can impair cognitive and motor functions; hence, patients using THC-containing plant medicine are prohibited from driving.
  • Can I travel within Australia with my prescribed plant medicine medications?
    Yes, you can travel with your prescribed plant medicine within Australia. Carry a copy of your prescription, keep the medication in its original packaging, have a matching ID, and be aware of any restrictions on your medication's delivery methods and the driving restrictions for THC.
  • Can I travel overseas with my prescribed plant medicine medications?
    The law on medicinal cannabis is complex and varies between countries. We advise against travelling overseas with your plant medicines as this is likely to be illegal.

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